Service Standard

Locally owned and operated, with over twenty-five years of swimming pool and spa experience, LowCountry Pools specializes in residential pools in the Hilton Head Island and Bluffton areas, and providing quality service and products to our valued customers. We look below the surface to ensure in depth care and maintenance to keep your pool looking like new for years to come. Our expert pool technicians are trained and certified.

LowCountry Pools specializes in residential pool service, repair, design and construction. We're focused on you, the homeowner, and your property, making it easy to communicate one-on-one with our pool techs. We provide top quality pool service. From cleaning to construction, tile application and plaster, we pride ourselves in your pool and home. We're committed to offering our clients the best pool products and service.

Weekly Service Cleans

Supply chemicals and balance water chemistry. 

Vacuum swimming pool.

Clean and maintenance DE and sand filters.

Clean skimmers.

Brush pool walls and floor.

Blow decking and pool area.

And much more to meet your pools needs.

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Balanced water chemistry for a healthy pool



Weekly maintenance. Customized quotes for your swimming pool needs.



Equipment repair and installation.